Know Your Pan – Step by Step Guide [2017]

Did you want to Know your pan?

Sometimes it happens, we may forget things that are needed most and for a businessman forgetting things often is a common thing as one needs to deal with a lot of things.

At the same, a PAN card in a wallet is a must have a thing for a businessman as the business may involve huge transactions, and PAN is must carry forward the transactions.

You are about to sign a business deal and have to make a transaction, and suddenly you realizes that you forgot to carry in your PAN card and don’t even remember your permanent account number.

Wondering what to do next?

Well, don’t worry we will guide you to know your PAN in just minutes. Probably in seconds. This simple guide helps you to know your PAN at your fingertips. It all takes you just a fraction of a moment to do that without any delay follow this simple step by step tutorial to know you PAN.

You might have gone through our article that guides you to know  PAN card status

Well if we could think out of the box we can use the same process to get PAN. If you haven’t then go through this live instance below.

You can know your PAN in two ways based on how you obtained it.

  • Through NSDL website
  • Through UTI website

1) Know your Pan Through NSDL website

  • First of all, point your browser to the official NSDL website or click on the below link to visit it easily.
Official NSDL Website
  • Once you have landed on the page, you could find a page as shown below

Status Track search for PAN TAN 1

  • The page asks you for three types of information, that we list down below.
  • Application type
  • Acknowledgment number
  • Personal details.

Application type is mandatory and chooses new/change request from the drop down/popup.

Now out of the two types you need to pick one, probably no one remembers the acknowledgment number, so continue filling with personal details.

Enter your name in the data fields provided beside name make sure you enter the name that is printed on your PAN card.

Now enter your DOB in the DD-MM-YYYY format you can make use of the dropdown provided.

Once done with filling the details you can continue by clicking on submit button located below the form.

Know your pan

  • It takes few seconds to load and after loading it will display your PAN information which includes your name, acknowledgment number, category, delivery status and finally you permanent account number.
  • Isn’t it that simple as we mentioned earlier? It’s okay no mention.
  • Go through the second method.

This tutorial was for NSDL Pan Card but yes, if you’ve applied through UTI, the process will be same.

2) Know your Pan Through UTI website

  • It is also similar to NSDL but you need to enter your coupon number.
  • To do that click on the link below and enter the application coupon number provided in the date field on the landing page and hit submit button.
Official UTI Pan Website
  • Voila, now you know your PAN in seconds.

So next time when you forget your PAN card do not worry thinking what to do. Just bookmark us and the help is at your fingertips. Reach us through comments for any queries. Feel free to tip us by sharing this on your social media.

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