Document Required For Pan Card – A Simple Guide

What are the document required for pan card?

Well, The financial identity of every Indian citizen is PAN card. It plays a vital role in India’s economic transactions. It gives the financial authentication to every significant payment in India. The basic requirement of every transaction is PAN card. It is a mandatory business requirement.

So far every citizen of India who is above 18 years, It is suggested to have a PAN card. Also if you are earning a taxable income, you need to apply for a PAN card to avoid any legal disputes.

document required for pan card

If you don’t know how to apply for a PAN card, then you can go through this article How To Apply for New Pan Card? It helps you to get a PAN card in 5 minutes.

If you are going to ask for a new PAN, You need to know the basic requirements applying for a PAN card.

Some documents that must be in hand by filling out the online PAN application. In this article, we give detailed insights of document required for pan card.

Document Required For Pan Card

We have classified the list of records into three categories to simplify things so that our users can be clear.

Here are the 3-categories of documents required:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Proof of Date of Birth

There is a list of papers that follow under each of the above categories, and you choose any of them you are comfortable in having.

Documents That Come Under Proof of Identity

  • Aadhar Card Issued by UIDAI Arms License
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Pensioner Card
  • Photo ID Card Issued by Central Government
  • Ration Card
  • Voters ID Card

Any of the proof as mentioned above are useful for validation as evidence of identity. Hope you might be loving at least one.

Documents That Come Under Address Proof

  • Aadhar Card issued by UIDAI Bank Account Statement(Not more than three months old)
  • Consumer Gas Connection Card(Not more than three months old)
  • Electricity bill(Not more than three months old)
  • Land line or Telephone bill(Not more than three months old)
  • Driving License
  • Employer Certificate(In Original)
  • Passport or passport of the Spouse
  • Property Registration Document Voters ID Card
  • Water bill(Not more than three months old)

Be sure to have any one of the above documents as a soft copy if you choose to apply online.

Documents for Date of Birth Proof

Now its turn to confirm you Date of Birth and you can use any of the following listed documents.

  • Aadhar Card Issued by UIDAI Central Government Health Scheme Card
  • Domicile Certificate issued by Government
  • Driving License
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport
  • Pension Payment Order
  • Photo ID Card issued by Government
  • Voters ID Card

Might you have noticed a thing in common with all the three categories of proofs, didn’t you?

If you didn’t then the thing in common is Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card and Passport are common in all the three. Hence they act as universal proofs.

So we suggest you have these three identities instead of other, as they can be submitted as a proof of all identity, Date of Birth and Address validation.

There is no need to send the original, have a copy of them both hard and soft copy. You can make use of DigiLocker service to store these copies on-line.

For those who are not aware of DigiLocker, It is a Digital Service backed up by Indian Government to allow citizens to save soft copies of documents. It will let you upload these documents whenever needed directly. It is like a vault for your documents.

Now you came to know the required documents for applying for a PAN Card. Now go through our article and apply for a PAN Card.

Also if you already have a PAN Card and you wish to modify details associated with it. You can find detailed instruction in here for online PAN Correction.

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