Pan Card Status : Track your Pan card Application Status [2017]

Do you want to check your Pan Card Status?

Well, PAN card is one of the most important and an essential identity proof required to make financial transactions in India. PAN, which is an acronym for Permanent Account Number is issued by Income Tax Department of India to all taxpayers and non-taxpayers. 

PAN card plays a significant role in all the financial and monetary related aspects in India. In a democratic country like India, things need to governed at a large scale. In order to supervise the economic sector the idea of PAN card was put forth by Income Tax Department of India.

Primary Purpose Of PAN card

The primary purpose of PAN card is for the universal identification and to relate the financial transactions to an individual. It is also used to keep track of monetary transactions to prevent tax evasion.

A permanent account number is a unique ID given to citizens of India as well as foreign nationals. It is beneficial to investors and venture capitalists. In the case of foreign nationals, PAN card is not accepted as a proof of identity or citizenship. 

Where all can we use a PAN card?

The PAN is mandatory for a majority of financial transactions such as opening a bank account, receiving taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits etc.; especially high-value transactions.

It is a ten digit unique number which is a combination of alphabets and numerals, hence an alpha-numeric identity.

uti pan card status

To add more about how beneficiary will it be in having a PAN card, go through the below questions:

  • Are you a business man and want to make The link business transactions?
  • Want to purchase precious commodities like gold and diamonds to secure your investments?
  • Is your Bank Manager suggesting you have a PAN card for extending your transaction limit?

To make all these things happen, you need a PAN card. If you do not have one, then it’s time to apply for one.

Here is a guide on How to apply for a new PAN card? You can do it online or either by offline. Just follow the simple instructions given in the handbook.

Have you applied for a PAN card and waiting eagerly to get it dispatched? Is your agent not responding to your phone calls? Are you tired of waiting for your PAN card and want to know its status?

Well, we are happy that you are here and we could help you.

This article will guide you in knowing your PAN card application status. Tracking your PAN card is very simple over the Internet, and all you need is to spend a few minutes on the Internet.

You can track your PAN card online, and you don’t need to peep through your window waiting for the courier boy anyone ‘s help to Know it.

How to know your PAN card status?

Knowing your PAN card application form status is very simple in a world where the Internet dominates the information served. Apart from getting details, you can find out the status of your PAN application. With this article, we will guide you to know your status for both NSDL and UTIITSL applied for PAN cards.

You can check this in different ways based on how you applied:

  1. Checking through NSDL, if you have applied through NSDL.
  2. Checking through UTIITSL, if applied through UTIITSl.
  3. Checking through SMS.

1.Checking your PAN card status through NSDL PAN site

Method 1:-

National Security Depository Limited, abbreviated as NSDL helps you in getting your PAN details as well as will help you to know your PAN status. NSDL website allows the people to apply for PAN card online, check out the PAN card details and also track the status of PAN card online. 

This is the major portal handling all the e-governance activities on behalf of Government. Through this Portal, you can request for a new PAN card, update information on your existing PAN card and also you can see the status.

If you want to get a new card you can apply on NSDL site. Payment also can be made online through its payment handling system. All these can be simply done just by filling a simple form with your details.Status Track search for PAN TAN 1

To know that you need to head to the NSDL site. The link provided below. A few details are required to know the PAN status.

First of all, go to NSDL Pan Card Site and follow the steps that we list below.

Details required

You need a few details to know it. It’s better to keep them handy before you navigate.

Here is the complete list of details you need to fill in.

  • Application Type
  • Acknowledgment Number
  • Name
  • Category
  • Date of Birth

Detailed Description

  • Type of application:

Application type 2

When you head over to the landing page of NSDL site, you can find a drop down menu indicating the application type. When you click on the drop down you can see two options stating, PAN- New/Change Request and TAN- New/Change request.

The PAN New/change Request is for getting a new card or request a change in details of PAN. While the later is for TAN. To know your NSDL PAN Status select PAN option.

Going ahead you can find two check boxes, one displaying acknowledgment number and the other displaying data fields like name and Date of Birth.

You can continue with any of the two options; you don’t need to fill both.

Acknowledgment Number


Acknowledgment number is the temporary application number that is obtained when you have applied for a new PAN card. If you have the acknowledgment with you then it’s time to use it. You need to enter that number in this text field.

Don’t know your acknowledgment number? Well, don’t worry you can find proceed even without it. For that, you need to enter your basic details like Name and DOB.

You can find the check box where you can enter these details. Enter the appropriate details.

The details should be either Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or
Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons, whichever you have entered in the application form. Also, note that Name should be as mentioned in the application form. Applicants other than ‘Individuals’ should write their name in the field for Last Name/Surname only.

Method 2:-

If you feel that the above method is bit tricky, then don’t worry here is a Small tool that will ease things. We value the time of our users so we made this exclusive tool for you.

You can simply track your PAN card status using it.

Here is how to use it!

Simply choose the application type if, it would be mostly PAN request.

Next, enter your acknowledgement number into the text field and hit track here. That’s all you can find your status in less than a minute.

Application Type


2.Checking the PAN card status through UTIITSL site

First of go to UTITSL Pan Card site and follow step that lists down below.

UTIITSL Track your PAN Application

If you have applied for your pan card through UTIITSL site, you can still check your status of PAN card.

Well to do that head over to the official UTIITSL site and follow the same procedure where you need to enter the application number. In addition to that, you need to get into the coupon number which is provided during new application. Once done entering details hit submit, and you can see your verified PAN card details.

3.Checking status through SMS request

If you are not good at using the Internet, there is an option for you too. You can know your UTI PAN card NSDL PAN card status by just texting a phrase.

To do that you need to text an SMS to 53030.

The body of the message should be as follows:

PAN <space>15 Digit Acknowledgement Number. The acknowledgment number is the same number which was provided to you at the time of application submission. Once you type the message correctly, send the message to 53030. You will get a return message containing your PAN details.

The details include:

  • YOUR PAN NAME: Name printed on your PAN card
  • DATE OF DISPATCH: The date when you will get your PAN card delivered.
  • PAN card number: Number printed on your PAN card.

In this way, you can find out your PAN card status both online and offline. Choose any of the steps mentioned above whichever you are comfortable with.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best method that fits you!

In this article, we have listed three methods which are by far the simple ones to implement. Confused in😕 choosing the right one? Well if yes then here is the final verdict in deciding things.

The first thing which is a known fact that both NSDL and UTIITSL both issued PAN cards and one apply through any of the two portals. Based the site you have chosen you can opt for the corresponding method.

Both of these portals offer minimalist and simple UI to navigate users. As far as we observed UTIITSL offers a simple form to know the status of your PAN card. You don’t need to search around for more details.

Finally, the SMS option is for those users who doesn’t have much awareness about the Internet or if you don’t have a reliable net connection you can go with this method. Standard SMS charges will be applied when you text the message in the above-said format.

These steps are also pretty much similar to knowing and verifying your PAN card. Hope this article has help you save your time. Do spread the word about us. Now enjoy your financial freedom.


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